8 challenges leaders face when it comes to cyber security

Working for a management that has not put cyber security high on the agenda is demanding. Depending on the industry and how digitally vulnerable a business is, it is a responsibility to know about risk in the IT systems and measures to reduce the risk as far as possible. Here are 8 management challenges your […]

5 Basic IT-security tips you must follow

Before the summer, we wrote about 7 smart IT security tips you should read before you go on vacation (7 IT Security tips), but it is so important to protect your own and your company’s data during the workday as well. Globalization and the development of technology have led to a need for us to […]

Digitization and awareness

Digitization has led to major skill gaps around organizations’ awareness of IT security. Managers have been hampered by their own, and the organization’s competence increasing when it comes to raising awareness of the individual’s responsibilities. This responsibility lies with the general manager and the directors. Responsibility cannot be delegated, but the job can be done […]

This is how much your business will loose from being hacked

Cyber-attacks occur more frequently and in different forms. The fact is that cyber attacks can cause financial losses and affect reputations for several years. From lost business to regulatory fines and repair costs, breaches of data security have far-reaching consequences. IBM Security recently released the Cost of a Data Breach Report 2019 by the Ponemon […]

What are this year’s hacking trends?

IT Security

Companies are constantly exposed to cyberattacks on the digital infrastructure, but few of them are detected. Malware, ransomware, social engineering and phishing are the most common cyber attacks that can hit businesses. Now in 2019, with cybercriminals utilizing hacking tools and techniques, IT security departments will face a challenge. In the most successful hacker attacks, […]

7 different types of hackers you must know about

Hackers’ motivation is very varied – it can be anything from idealists to industrial espionage and organized crime. Thus, the term hacker does not mean a criminal or irresponsible person. Some have good intentions and tell companies if they come through systems, while others hack for their own financial gain. By understanding the different types […]

What are the most commonly used cyberattacks?

On a daily basis, we read the news about large and small organizations that are exposed to serious cyber attacks. The common denominator is that the attacks come just as surprisingly and unexpectedly on all of them. Below you can read more about the most common cyber-attacks that can hit your business. 1. MalwareMalware is the […]

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is about protecting your data from cyberattacks. All data should be able to be stored securely and transmitted over networks between several possible storage locations without any information being lost, read, copied or changed by unauthorized persons. Cybersecurity can be utilized through a variety of technologies and techniques, including administrative control, physical security, logical […]

What is Cyber Security Month?

National Cyber Security Awareness Month was first started in the early 2000s in the United States by the National Cyber Security Division within Homeland Security, along with the Cyber Security Alliance. The goal then was to teach how to behave safely online using ‘simple’ solutions such as antivirus programs. As Cyber Security Month has spread […]

IBM Security Masterskills University

Join us for IBM Security Masterskills University, September 9-13! As a proud sponsor of IBM Security Masterskills University, Pedab wants to invite you to Munich, Germany. Masterskill is IBM’s annual technical security conference. In reality, there is a week-long experience sharing between IBM’s leading technicians and developers, partners and customers. The conference covers large parts […]