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What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is about protecting your data from cyberattacks. All data should be able to be stored securely and transmitted over networks between several possible storage locations without any information being lost, read, copied or changed by unauthorized persons. Cybersecurity can be utilized through a variety of technologies and techniques, including administrative control, physical security, logical controls, organizational standards, and other techniques that restrict access to unauthorized or malicious users and processes. Data security is not all you need for IT security, but is a way of evaluating and reducing the risk associated with data storage.

It therefore deals with protecting data against unauthorized access, ensuring that no data is lost and preventing unauthorized persons from knowing or being able to change data. As a subject area, data security is linked to confidentiality, integrity and accessibility: that information and information systems are only available to those who have access, that they are correct, valid and complete, and are available within the accessibility requirements set.

Why is cybersecurity important?
It is no longer a question of, but rather when a company is exposed to a cyberattack. Companies, large and small, are becoming increasingly dependent on IT systems that increasingly handle critical information. It is therefore important to take all possible precautions to keep this data safe with you and not be read or changed by unauthorized persons.

Digitization has led to major skills gaps in companies’ IT security, and more awareness is needed now. Very few people realize how vulnerable your business actually is. Your business can lose a lot on being hacked, both in terms of money and lost business.

What can you do?
Together with our Norwegian colleagues, Pedab has developed a unique security service, Pedab MSS. Together, we have built a solution that monitors the customer’s infrastructure and captures irregularities in logs and data traffic. The system identifies real threats and neglects false alarms. Our security analysts take care of the real threats, report and clean up.

Do you want to learn more about how Pedab MSS can help your business, please contact Raimonds Bricis.

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